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Your Dental Visit

When you first visit a new dentist, part of your initial exam is an assessment of your "bite"—the way teeth meet as the jaws close. Later, after a filling or placement of a dental crown, your bite will be tested again to be sure the tooth restoration fits well with other teeth.

Look Younger With Teeth Whitening

Many people these days are taking better care of their bodies. They are exercising and eating right. Their health has improved and they are living longer and fuller lives. One thing that they might be missing though is taking care of their smiles. As people age, so does their smile, their teeth get duller and this can make them look older than they really are.

New Advancements in Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques

You'd be amazed (and probably delighted) by the options modern dentistry makes available for strong, natural-looking tooth restoration. Read on for more information about the exciting new dental materials we have available now.

White Teeth Look Sensational!

There are many choices among tooth whitening systems for whiter teeth. New gels and solutions are accelerated by light; laser technology is new and very effective. Tooth whitening systems can whiten teeth fast in your dentist's office, or over time at home, at your convenience. Either way, your teeth will whiten like magic, and you'll have a fresher, younger smile.

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